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collider cloth collision issues 1 month 10 hours ago #990

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>>One last additional question, in the cases where I do get a more floaty style simulation I'm finding that as the character and collider tumbles the cloth can tend to >>become stuck to the collider. I also noticed in your v&a examples you have a character rolling on the floor where nothing seems to get stuck together and I was >>wondering if you would have any tips towards that too.

So the first requirement to try and avoid cloth getting stuck in the collider is to make sure you have no open edges or holes in your collider mesh, especially if you are using a single sided collision or it can suck the cloth in.

Next check that you have a clean start pose with NO cloth - collider intersection or cloth - cloth intersection.

Next check if the collider is intersecting itself during animation. This can be tricky to detect as it can happen between frames, so we build a tool in Carbon to detect this.

Check out this tip of the week.

Once you know where the intersection is happening there are a number of solutions, including;
1) you can turn the collider into a morph and make just that part of the collider soft so the cloth does not get crushed.
2) You can create a narrow filter so that part of the collider is removed from collision.
3) You can get the animation fixed! Appreciate this is often not an option - hence we have all the tools in Carbon to help solve this.

If your collider is not intersecting itself then most likely your collision sampling rate is not high enough, so the cloth can pass into the collider within a sample time.
This usually only happens with fast moving collider and or cloth. Frame rate and subdivisions control the collider sample time, so try doubling the number of Carbon simulation subdivisions and if you want to keep approx same behaviour halve the number of iterations. But I would try and keep iterations at least 10.

You can also try making the cloth thicker (even if just to debug the issue) and / or increasing the fatness of the collider (but there are limits to this - collider fatness has to be less than 50% of the width of any part of the collider the cloth will contact - usually toes or fingers, otherwise cloth can get sucked in).

If your cloth / character collision is brutal, like in the V&A examples where the character was rolling on a hard floor, with arms crushing against the body, or in other V&A examples the legs were passing through each other 100%, as there was no clean up on the mocap,  then you can only do this really with the character as a full deformable morph. In extreme cases you will get corruption of the morph and you will have to fix that up later if you want it visible. We were lucky with the V&A that they didn't want to display the character body :)

Just reach out with any questions on this topic.


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